1. Compliance with laws, decisions, instructions, occupational safety and health requirements and environmental protection 2. Follow the instructions for safe work that protect workers from the dangers related to activities 3. Implementation of all programs related to the prevention of dangers and the prevention of accidents 4. Providing emergency assistance for neighboring companies 5. Environmental protection in accordance with Law No. 4 of 1994 and amended 9 of 2009 regarding environmental protection and the disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with the law. 6. Contractors' commitment to the requirements of occupational safety, health and environmental protection that apply to the company and its affiliated sites 7. Informational communication regarding issues of occupational safety and health and securing the work environment. 8. Training and motivating workers to abide by the instructions and procedures of occupational safety and health, and to raise the degree of their efficiency and readiness to perform their tasks safely and securely, and to preserve their lives, work property and tools. 9. Continuous development and updating of safety procedures and their requirements based on developments in the procedures and the work of periodic reviews that ensure that this matter is achieved.

Policies of HSE in ESPC Group

ESPC group are commitment with Clint safety policy

• We have our own safety policy which we are commitments with our rules.

• Our safety record during last year 12000 Hours without injure.

• Our safety engineers and supervision are good training.

• we are work under pressure with all commitment of safety and time schedule client rules is our priorities